Michael W. Taft

I have over 30 years of meditation experience, am a consultant for the Therapeutic Neuroscience Lab, and teach individuals, groups, and corporations.

Secular & Science-based

You shouldn't have to join a religion to meditate. My teaching is completely secular.

Stress Reduction & More

If you are stressed out, overloaded, or overwhelmed, meditation is a proven way to help.
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Meditation is a lot like lifting weights. No matter how much you read about weight lifting, it’s not going to get you anywhere (unless you have a very heavy book). You have to actually do the practice.

Meditation is the same. You can read a thousand books, and you won’t get any better at meditating. To actually get the benefits of meditating, you have to sit down and do the practice.

That’s why having a mentor, a sort of meditation coach, is so helpful. The mentor is there to guide you past these small obstacles, and to make you aware of subtle but important differences in practice.

They can also create a practice schedule with you and help you remain accountable so you stick with your commitment. That’s how you get results.

I have been meditating for over 30 years, and been teaching people to meditate for over a decade. I have guided hundreds of people to deeper, more effective meditation. I can help you to develop a powerful and life-changing meditation practice too.

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What People Are Saying

Michael is one of my favorite meditation teachers. His concise and clear teaching style makes for an easy to follow meditation class.


Michael is one of those rare gems among teachers: someone whose head and heart are both equally engaged for every moment of interaction with his students.


Michael has always approached every question I’ve had from an authentic place pulling from years of experience and practice. He truly has a gift and understands how to deliver guidance and lead one to a place of insight no matter where one is at in their practice. I’ve always left our conversations with a fresh perspective and feeling of inspiration to implement mindfulness into everything I do.


I met Michael in the mid-2000’s and was immediately taken by his intelligence, straightforwardness, and warmth. Although I had recently started a master’s program in counseling psychology and it made sense to add mindfulness into the mix, it was more Michael’s personality that drew me in. I thought, if this guy’s teaching something, you need to listen. The investment that I made in the practice has had a priceless return. I am so profoundly changed by what Michael taught me that I offer similar teachings to anyone that wants to learn. I often find myself full of gratitude for Michael’s teachings and my luck for our paths having crossed.